your human potential

ThinkTalent is an international talent enterprise. We guide companies and communities in unleashing their human potential to the fullest.

72 Hours Reload

A 3 day connection trip that gathers a gang of inspiring women from a variety of backgrounds in business, media, non-profit, science, the arts and politics.

The goal is to reload your mind, body and soul. Connect, grow and come back with fresh insights, renewed energy and a great network! Watch how some members of our tribe describe their experience here. 

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Unlock yourself

We unlock human potential through focussed and down to earth coaching sessions. To the point, evidence based, sometimes confronting but always with the focus on growth. Either the growth of your business, growing your teams, your personal strengths or your career.

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HR Interim Management

In need of a leader for a major Change Project? Looking for an experienced sparing partner to discuss and plan your People Strategy? Aiming to review and adapt your Talent Management? Or just urgently looking for operational HR support on the ground? We can help you.

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Tailor made is our standard. We don’t chase our own fancy strategic imperatives. We focus on effective solutions for you.


We have an attitude of engagement towards our clients and stakeholders. A true intention to add value.

Simplifying Complexitity

We focus on pragmatic solutions. Not the thickness of the report counts, but the effectiveness of the solution for your business.

Cases and Cures

Browse through a selection of our cases, discover the challenges we faced and get triggered by the pragmatic solutions we came up with.