Start-up second Mobile Operator in Sultanate of Oman

We lead the start-up of the second mobile operator in Oman, Nawras, in the area of people development. We trained and coached about 200 contact center and retail sales staff & management for more than 6 months till launch.

The staff went through a 50-days development & training program that prepared them to become a customer service agent or sales representative. The content was very diverse: communication and sales development programmes, but also product & service training, technical support & procedure training.

A team of 15 international trainers and 10 local trainers succeeded in setting up a successful contact center and retail business for Nawras.

Working with Veerle at Ben (Netherlands) and Nawras (Oman) has been a highlight of my working career. She impresses as a formidable professional. Her talent development programs are filled with fun and will exceed your expectations.

Carol Dagg – Consultant, builds and redesigns award-winning customer service departments around the world.