Souhir Bader

ThinkTalent advises a 24 years old fashion entrepreneur

We don’t mind generation differences. Why should we? We love sharing our experiences and combine that with a strong view of a young entrepreneur.

Two years after having finished her studies, the young fashion designer Souhir Bader wanted to kick off her new brand Bader Haute Couture. We wanted to help her.

Several start-up gatherings later her brand and her first fashion show at the Flemish Opera Gent was a fact.

My experience in working with Bart was outstanding! I had great moments of learning and fun. He is both a professional and a big brother to work with. He advised and coached me in a perfect way: first discussing together where I wanted  to go and then guiding me towards the desired outcome. I hope to further cooperate with him the coming years.

Souhir Bader – Fashion Designer, Belgium-Tunesia