Leading business change in a Service Agency

Truvo wanted to turn their product-oriented approach into a client-segmented approach. Next to a tremendous change in the company’s sales approach, it required an out of the box change project for all employees.  Not only their market and products would change but also their positioning as point of contact towards the customer.

Truvo has chosen ThinkTalent as change partner to coach the involved leaders and set up an effective train the trainer program to make the transition happen.

The role of ThinkTalent as partner has been pivotal en has been very enriching for both the training department, the project groups as for the first line sales management.

Roland Gerets – Sales Director Truvo

En plus d’une méthodologie efficace et d’un contenu pertinent, personnalisé, les qualités professionnelles et humaines de Veerle Pappaert enrichissent les differents modules pratiques d’une analyse pleine de justesse et de finesse. L’approche  enthousiaste, positive et détendue de la formatrice crée un climat de confiance propice au développement de chacun.

Anne Beeken – Team Manager Truvo/Promedia